Sunday, January 24, 2016

If you believe...

Today I asked a question of my angels and the answer they gave me came in the form of a card.  The card read "If you believe", its a powerful statement.  If you believe to me means if you have faith, trust in yourself and your dreams.

My question was, is teaching Reiki the right path for me and so the answer makes sense; because I have free will, so if I believe it is possible than yes it is possible.

It really is true though if you think about the Law of Attraction, if that is what I desire and I am constantly thinking about it; it will manifest for me.  I truly believe I am supposed to teach not only Reiki but about being an intuitive being.  We are human beings on this planet and we are beings of light and love; we have an innate healing ability that we do not even realize.

If you cut yourself, do you have to tell your body to heal?  No your body just does it, it heals.  Do you have to tell your body to breathe? No, it seems silly to even ask these questions.  Reiki opens up the way to accelerate your natural healing abilities.

Reiki can heal your life and balance your chakras; I believe helps you become more grounded and centered when you feel overwhelmed.  Reiki it changes your perception of life and healing; it is an ancient form of "laying hands" over the person who is being healed.  Reiki has it own wisdom and knows where to go in the body.

It is a miraculous gift from God that we can keep in our spiritual tool box, that enhances our lives for the better.  Helping us find our purpose, hear our song, and live an abundant peaceful life.

If you believe you are healthy than you are, but if you are always saying "I'm sick and tired" then guess what; you believe you are sick and tired so therefore the universe delivers.

So believe in yourself, believe the world is inherently good and you will see a good life.  But if you believe that you are always a victim, than you will be always a victim.  As Dr. Wayne Dyer has said "Change your thoughts, change your life".

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Living From the Energy of Love,

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dragons Everywhere

Today's message on my angel calendar says to ask your angels to answer my prayers loudly and big clear signs.  So I decide, let me try this technique; I ask the angels about my writing poetry and inspirational messages and if I should continue...

Well they decided to use one of my animal guides, who happens to be a fire breathing dragon. Of course what better way to answer me in a big way. The first sign is, I pull a card from Colette Baron Reid's oracle deck called Avalon.  And guess what card I pull, but "the dragon".  Okay, so I read the message and I am like thank you for answering.

Then I go on my facebook page and I guess my guides thought that was not loud enough aka not OBVIOUS enough. As I am posting some poems that I have written; what pops up in my news feed.
You guessed it another dragon message from Colette Baron Reid's post; this card comes from her oracle deck called "Maps".  The card is called "Dragon's Lair" and both messages are about having the courage to move forward with your dreams; not to let negative thinking or your ego get in the way.

All of which has led me to my first post as a Google blogger, good job dragon and angels; I could not have done it with out you.

Dragon and Angel blessings,